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As I’m drafting posts for this blog, I realize that there’s sometimes things I just want to comment onView full post »


While I am not searching out Aussie publications, they seem to be finding me. Treadlie stood out immediatelyView full post »

Eddie Zammit and Milton Glaser talk for T-World issue 7 in New York

Talking T-World with publisher/art director Eddie Zammit

Poor Eddie. He was my first interview for I really appreciate his time to talk about his journal, T-World—View full post »

Cover of magazine T-World Magazine New York Issue


I’m probably late to the game on this in terms of how fast things travel online, but I just recently saw thisView full post »

Cover of Monster Childre 29 with child Darth Vadar

Monster Children

I tweeted the other week about Monster Children and that everyone should be subscribing to it. I never heard of theView full post »

Landscape Architecture Magazine – Vol 102, No. 6

Remember how I said I don’t wear a watch in that look at the recent issue of Watch Journal? Well, I don’t do muchView full post »

Watch Journal – June 2012

I’ll admit, this isn’t the first time Watch Journal has caught my eye. It’s big bold flag and mixed varnishes/View full post »

Foam Magazine – July 2012

I love magazines—did I mention that before? If it seemed like I was going to post about just one type of magazine, orView full post »

Habitus #15

My local bookstore only recently began carrying Habitus, an Australian design/shelter magazine that makes me envious ofView full post »

Pegasus – Summer 2012

I have to admit that I’m not really familiar with many alumni magazines (who is?), but I just wanted to give someView full post »

TransWorld SURF: The Photo Book 2012

This issue immediately jumped off the shelf at me and that’s always a good thing. The oversized issue with it’sView full post »

TransWorld SURF: April 2012

I said I was going to follow-up with this issue in TransWorld SURF’s Photo Book’s review and here we are. I’m notView full post »